Two former COVID-19 patients have donated chairs and pillows to the Vila Central Hospital (VCH) to show their appreciation to the VCH health professionals.

Merolyn and Tim had entered the country from Papua New Guinea (PNG) on an official visit to work in Vanuatu. The two tested positive for the virus during their quarantine period and had been in isolation at the Vila Central Hospital (VCH) for 57 days.

Currently the duo are out of isolation and in quarantine, awaiting a flight back to PNG after they had tested negative.

Both patients who chose not to disclose their surnames expressed their gratitude and appreciation.

Merolyn says, “There are not enough words to express how grateful I am for all the care given to us during our time in isolation. Noella and Jean for showing up every day and sharing on WhatsApp, and Dr. Atua your visits were like family a member. There was no medication we could take to recover but this journey was about the friendship of many that helped us get through it.”

She says that being updated on how their bodies were reacting to the virus in terms of blood pressure, heart beat or body temperature allowed Tim and herself to maintain self-awareness everyday throughout isolation.

Having the nurses Noella Remy and Jean Pierre Anis to discuss those figures helped the patients press on.

“Thank you to all of you and those involved in this journey and especially for providing an environment that allowed us recovery while continuing to work on the mission that caused us to cross the border during such time,” Merolyn continues.

“Deuteronomy 31.6 the hope for a new dawn. Thank you all.’’

Tim also thanked the children from the Marum, Livo and Maolusu family from the PNG community who had sent the greeting and get-well cards at Easter expressing his gratitude for the gesture and the food given.

“Their cards reached us on Easter weekend when every decision didn’t make sense to us, but the messages in the cards meant a lot”

Merolyn and Tim have donated several chairs to the emergency ward at VCH as well as 10 pillows for patients to use in Emergency as a token of how truly grateful they are for the care VCH and others have offered throughout the recovery process.

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