Former COM Secretary convicted

The former Council of Minister’s (CoM) Secretary, Armstrong Masanga, has been convicted yesterday after he admitted killing a Filipino with a vehicle he was driving.

He will be sentenced on June 25, 2019.

Defense lawyer Henzler Vira called for a pre-sentence report to be filed by May 28, 2019 and the prosecution were ordered to file their sentencing submission no later than June 11, 2019.

Mr Vira will be filing his submission on June 13 before the court will deliver its sentence on the set date.

Masanga admitted one count of causing death by reckless driving contrary to section 12 of the Road Traffic Control Act CAP 29.

Masanga accidentally killed Ferdinand Soriano after he was refused entry at a club in the early hours of December 23, 2018.

At the time that the offence was committed, Masanga was the CoM secretary.

But the Chairman of the Public Service, Martin Mahe, said that the accused resigned from his post after the commission of the offence.

Masanga was driving a service bus under the influence of alcohol when he hit victim.

The Malo man was initially charged with one count of Intentional Homicide, contrary to section 106 (1) (a) of the Penal Code Act [CAP 135] but the charge was later amended to the current charge that he pleaded guilty for yesterday.

Masanga was reportedly attempting to enter a club at the time but was refused by the security guards, who forced him to leave the area.

Earlier this year senior prosecutor Simcha Blessing said CCTV footages revealed the deceased had just walked out of the club and was looking at his phone and did not see the bus coming.

Mr Blessing said that Masanga intended to pick a fight with the guards at the front of the club before returning to his bus and drove at high speed and hit the deceased in front.

Masanga was later arrested and he spent both Christmas and New Year behind bars on remand.

His bail has been extended until the sentencing date.

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