The Municipality of Port Vila, through the Management of Central Market has taken a firm decision to prohibit foreigners from selling their agricultural products at the Central Market and other market outlets in town.

The decision came on the heels of reports that vegetables harvested from a farm owned by a Chinese national were brought to the Central Market for sale before municipal workers intervened.

A reliable source said the vegetables were put on the table at the market and a Ni-Vanuatu woman was in charge of selling them. The Management of Central Market was then informed that vegetables belonging to a Chinese national were on sale.

The source said the bulk of the vegetables were sold before the municipal workers intervened.

It is not the first time products from foreigners are found at the Central Market. Ni-Vanuatu women have been found selling samosa reportedly made by the Bangladeshis who victims of the much publicised human trafficking case, and are waiting for their fate as their case is still pending in Vanuatu Courts.

Samosa is a small, delicious usually triangular fried snack originally from Northern India that is traditionally filled with vegetables and spices.

According to the Management of Central Market, a warning was issued to all market vendors, making it clear that if anyone is found selling food and agricultural products that are from people from other countries, he or she will be penalised.

“If we find a Ni-Vanuatu selling products that belongs to a foreigner at the market, he or she will automatically lose his or her right to sell in the market,” the Management of Central Market said.

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