Food vendors urged to make good use of local produce

Tourists want to know why tables do not serve banana cakes

A regular visitor from Cairns in Northern Australia yesterday asked me a question in the Restaurant Wing of Port Vila Market which I cannot answer.

Like him I am a customer and I go to the popular section of the Market to buy something for lunch.

“My wife and I come from Cairns in Australia and I’ve been to the local food sector and I am surprised because there is no banana cake anywhere along the tables”, he says with disappointment.

With all the ripe bananas available throughout the Market, he asks throwing his arms wide open saying, “Where are the banana cakes?”

“Oh, that is too many spoons of sugar”, he cautions the elderly ni Vanuatu who has poured five teaspoons of brown sugar into his coffee.

The businessman says he has just returned from a business trip to America and over there, all their recipes are just “too much sugar”.

The man’s wife has just finished a plate of fried tuna and chips. “Let the women who provide hot meals know that they need to include banana pies and cakes because it does not make sense that there are ripe bananas on almost all the tables and yet they are not making use of them by baking and selling banana cakes,” he says with a smile.

The advantage of having breakfast or lunch at Market is that the prices are way down below the prices in the restaurants.

“I love the crispy fresh bread here too,” he adds.

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