First Professional Development Workshop for Department of Industry officials

First ever Professional Development Workshop for Department of Industry supported by Vanuatu Skills Partnership. (Photo supplied)

The Department of Industry supported by the Vanuatu Skills Partnership (VSP) has organised a first-ever Professional Development Workshop for its staff members on November 11-13 at Havannah Eco Lodge.

The 3-day workshop aimed to equip its working force with the knowledge of developing tools which can ensure work is being done effectively and efficiently within the Department.

The workshop also helped staff better understand the value chain interventions starting from primary production, supply chains and accessing markets.

The training covered four key product development (R&D) tools to equip officers to perform their roles and responsibilities in a cost-effective manner that aligns with divisional plans, Department of Industry (DoI) Business plans, National industrial Development Strategy (NIDS) and the National Sustainability Development Plan (NSDP).

VSP Director, Fremden Yanhambath shared his appreciation on the partnership alliance with the Department of Industry like other key Government Departments to support their professional development.

“We can all work together to take control of our destiny as a nation and guarantee a responsive and inclusive economic growth,” Director Yanhambath added.

Program Industry Officer, Keith Antfalo said this was the first ever capacity building workshop that really addresses needs of Provincial Industry Development Officers (IDO).

Director of the Department of Industry, Jimmy Rantes said “this milestone activity is a clear demonstration of the Department of Industry’s partnership and collaboration with VSP in terms of the implementation of the existing MoU”.

He added that there is a greater need to expand the areas of collaboration and intensify the partnerships in 2020.

The scope for key areas of collaboration are: Handicraft Business Development Programs, Professional Skills Training for Industry Sector and Support to Value Addition for SME Producers in rural areas.

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