First Conference on Government’s Election Petition today

The first conference to hear the Election Petition filed by 21 petitioners will take place at the Supreme Court Registry 10.30am today.

The majority of the petitioners are Members of Parliament who challenged the decision of the Supreme Court which upheld the announcement by former Speaker of Parliament, Gracia Shadrack that their seats have been vacated.

They are: Prime Minister Bob Loughman, Deputy Prime Minister Ishmael Kalsakau, Minister of Finance, Johnny Koanapo, Minister of Infrastructure and Public Utilities, Jay Ngwele, Minister of Trade James Bule, Minister of Agriculture Willie Daniel, Minister of Youth and Sports Willie Satearoto, Minister of Climate Change Bruno Lenkon, Minister of Foreign Affairs Mark Ati, Speaker of Parliament Seule Simeon, Minister of Health Silas Bule, Samson Samsen, Edward Nalyal, Nakou Natuman, Leonard Hosua Pikioune, Marc Muelsul, Edmond Julun, Xavier Harry and Anthony Harry.

Leader of Government Business, MP Anatole Hymak and Bodio (Georgio) Calo, the First Political Advisor in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, were also named as petitioners in this case.

This is to satisfy the decision of the Appeal Court last Friday, for the “Supreme Court and the parties to proceed urgently to a hearing of this petition.”

The Election Petition Rules 2003 provide a process for an MP to challenge vacation for absence in the Supreme Court.

The petitioners were ordered to serve the Petition, file sworn statements and submissions, copy of the Order and proof of service by 2pm yesterday.

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