First candidates for Year 12 Unified Examinations

Over 1,500 Year 12 Anglophone ad Francophone students sitting exams this year are the first candidates for the new improved harmonized Year 12 Curriculum and Examination. Photo: MoET

Over 1, 500 Year 12 students throughout Vanuatu sitting exams this week till November 27 are the first candidates for the Year 12 Anglophone and Francophone harmonized Curriculum and Examination, a successful reform implementation after 40 years of independence.

These students started with the new Year 11 common curriculum in 2019, in preparation for the National Year 12 Examinations.

The new names for the certificates for this application are: Vanuatu National Secondary Certificate (VNSC) for Anglophone students and Certificat National de l’Enseignement Secondaire (CNES) for Francophone students.

The reform is a milestone in the history of the country’s education system, said the Ministry of Education and Training (MoET).

“In the development of education, after 40 years of independence, after having two colonial School Education systems for Year 11 and 12, we now have achieved one common curriculum and examination for the year 12 students,” the MoET stated.

“This is an achievement for senior school principals and their teachers, despite the challenges, 2020 has marked another milestone for another successful curriculum reform implementation, in schools.

“The MoET acknowledge the great effort in the successful reform. To parents, guardians and other stakeholders, your support is also acknowledged.

“To all 12 examination candidates, the MoET salutes you for your resilience. Despite the COVID — 19 Pandemic and TC Harold Cyclone, you have all preserved to prepare to sit your national examinations.

“You are our pioneers of this new improved harmonized year 12 curriculum and assessment.

“We salute you and all the best in your exams.”

Year 10 Examinations will begin next week.

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