First  bilingual masters graduates

First bilingual master graduates from the In-Country Bilingual Higher Education Program (photos: MOET)

A large number of students have graduated from the In-Country Bilingual Higher Education Program with Master’s Degree in Economics and Social Science (ESS) for the first time year.

These 23 bilingual Ni-Vanuatu students received their graduating certificates during the recent Graduation Ceremony held at the Convention Centre in Port Vila in the presence of the Prime Minister (PM), Charlot Salwai, the Minister of Education and Training (MOET), Jean Pierre Nirua, proud parents and families.

Graduation of the master’s degree was the first achievement in the MOET’s ambitious Vanuatu National Bilingual University Project.

Apart from the master’s degree graduates, 21 other students received Bachelor Degree in Economic and Social Administration (ESA).

Speeches were delivered by the Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Administration and Communication, Head of the ESA’s Bachelor courses offered in Port Vila and Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Action in Port Vila.

Minister Nirua congratulated the new graduates and shared his pride in seeing their graduation as the first achievement of the emerging national university.

He encouraged the graduates to further their studies so that the country can benefit from their skills and visions.

The MOET has been funding the In-Country Bilingual Education Program since 2013.

This year’s ceremony ceremony was organised by the MOET in partnership with the Faculty of Administration and Communication of the University Toulouse 1 Capitole.

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