Fest’Napuan Festival to coincide with 40th Independence anniversary celebrations

Vanuatu’s popular music festival known as Fest’Napuan will celebrate its Silver Jubilee along with Vanuatu’s 40 years anniversary on July of this year.

This came following the country’s 40 years anniversary that will be commemorated for nine days at the independence park of Vanuatu, starting from the July 22 to Independence day on July 30.

The Chairlady of the Fest’Napuan committee, Jenifer Kausei told Daily Post that the event will keep its original concept when coinciding with Vanuatu’s 40 years commemoration.

“The event will start from Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday and the dates are from July 29 to August 1st”, Mrs Kausei said.

The committees is now working to secure foreign bands to come and perform here in Vanuatu to commemorate its Silver Jubilee.

“The committee will be working on selecting the local and international bands to come and play”, she said.

The name ‘Fest’Napuan’ is a combination of two words, the word ‘festival’ from English and French, and the word ‘napuan’ from one of the languages of the island of Tanna, which means music and dance. The Fest’Napuan aims to promote the development of contemporary music in Vanuatu by:

providing young people in music groups with the chance to perform in front of a large audience and access to greater public exposure; providing young people in music groups and aspiring musicians with exposure to other bands and other types of music; encouraging Government and private sponsors to recognise and support Vanuatu’s contemporary musicians.

The Fest’Napuan is organised by its own committee, all of whom are volunteers. Each year, the committee has comprised mostly of young people, many of who are musicians themselves and many of whom are unemployed.

Their participation in the organising committee provides them with skills and experience in office management, administration, logistics and organisation that greatly improves their prospects for later employment.

This year’s celebration will be staged at the Saralana Park and the theme of this year’s celebration will be soon published and its program.

Fest Napuan was first staged in 1995 and will celebrate its silver jubilee (25 years) this year.

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