Environment Networks and Tourism Associations commit to North Efate Conservation Management Deed

Signatories to the North Efate Conservation Management Deed: (l-r) Pastor Solomon Sisi (Nguna Pele Emao Tourism Association), Mark Kalotap (Shefa Tourism), Hellen Maika (North Efate Tourism Association), Glarinda Andre (Live and Learn Vanuatu), Kenneth Lango (Tasi Vanua Environment Network) and Salome Kalo (Nguna Pele Environment Network)

The North Efate Conservation Management (NECM) Deed has been signed by the Environment Networks and Tourism Associations of North Efate.

The NECM is part of the Vanuatu RESCCUE project and is a partnership between Tasi Vanua and Nguna Pele Environment Networks, the North Efate Tourism Association and the Nguna, Pele, Emao Tourism Associations, Shefa Tourism and Live and Learn Vanuatu. These parties are coming together to ensure the future sustainability of their environment and vibrant tourism economy. The group has agreed on a plan of environmental protection activities that benefit North Efate communities and tourism experiences; like marine monitoring, tabu area management, coral replanting, coastal rehabilitation, and waste management activities.

To support these environmental conservation efforts, local Tourism Associations in North Efate have committed to a voluntary 10% levy across the tourism activities of their members. This levy will contribute to the NECM and help pay for the Tasi Vanua and Nguna Pele Environment Networks to implement activities that protect the environment.

Glarinda Andre, Local Projects Manager at Live and Learn Vanuatu, says ‘this is a very exciting achievement for North Efate, there is now a sustainable source of financial support to the Environment Networks to protect the environment and enhance the tourism economy’. Glarinda continued that, ‘while this signing is a major step, the work to implement the NECM and further our collaboration as a partnership for North Efate continues’.

The Vanuatu RESCCUE project is implemented by the Pacific Community (SPC) and aims to strengthen the resilience of North Efate communities to the effects of climate change through Integrated Coastal Management. The Vanuatu RESCCUE project has partnered with existing local government and community committees and networks, especially Tasi Vanua and Nguna-Pele environment networks, since 2015 to strengthen their skills in climate change adaptation, sustainable agriculture and biodiversity restoration, marine management and protection, reducing plastic waste and pollution and helping tourism activities support environmental conservation.

The RESCCUE project is funded primarily by the French Development Agency and the French Global Environment Facility. In Vanuatu, the project is being managed by WSP Opus, working with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to coordinate activities, and with a local team including Live and Learn and Development Services supporting implementation of activities.

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