28 youth to attend Youth Entrepreneurship skills training in China

The 28 ni Vanuatu and Government and Chinese Embassy reps Photo: China Embassy

The Vanuatu Institute of Public Administration and Management (VIPAM) farewelled 28 Ni Vanuatu Youth who will be attending a three-week Youth Entrepreneurship skills training in China on Sunday 8th September.

The ceremony took place on Wednesday at the VIPAM conference room. The delegation, all from different sectors of businesses, within the government and private organizations, will be undertaking their trainings in Fuzhou City, Fujian Province.

The purpose of this seminar held by the Chinese government aims to enhance mutual understanding, deepen friendship, and establish a platform for promoting communication and cooperation on youth entrepreneurship.

All lectures will be given the by government officials covering topics such as the Management and taxation of bonded zones, Development and trend of China’s E-commerce, Global agricultural products trade in the context of liberalization, Career Planning and Development, and Protection and transfer of IPR. It will also include the Creation of characteristic tourism.

VIPAM Acting Manager, James Melteres acknowledged the China government for initiating such programs, and the assistance of the Vanuatu government that will enable the participants with skills in upgrading their business trends. He said that it will also enhance participants in managing their businesses and improve on their business consulting as well. Mr Melteres said that currently a lot of young entrepreneurs face the challenge of managing their business and this will help them address their business sustainability.

He further said that with the assistance of the Vanuatu Cooperatives Business Network (VCBN), their business progress can be monitored to address tax contributions within our economy. It will also look at areas identified so participants can also attend trainings regarding their other challenges. A small business bill which will be debated in Parliament seeks to protect youth entrepreneurs in promoting their businesses.

Mr Melteres said that this will allow the youth and public servants to comeback and contribute to the development of Vanuatu.

VCBN General Manager, Jack Loughman said that it is the right timing for VCBN to interact with such programs. He believes that all participants have a platform in place so that VCBN can come in to assist. He said that VCBN is open always for young entrepreneurs who wish to come and register to address the growth of their business. Mr Loughman said that Youth entrepreneurs is very important with access to the level of financial inclusion. With financial support in place, he said this is where VCBN will step in to assist with access to financial credit and also monitor the growth of their business. GM Loughman said that the ideas are all in conjunction with the decentralization act of the government.

He further acknowledged VIPAM, Chinese embassy and the Vanuatu government for such programs as will it also allow participants to link their businesses overseas emphasizing that it is a step forward for our economic development.

A Chinese Embassy representative congratulated all participants for attending such trainings and said that it reflects and enhances the continuous cooperation between Vanuatu and China. He said that youths are leaders of tomorrow and hopes all will gain experience during their trainings. He further acknowledged VIPAM, VCBN and the Vanuatu government for their cooperation always and wished all participants the best in their trainings.

The ceremony ended with participants getting briefed by VIPAM officials on program and travel logistics.

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