Emalus records highest number of graduates ever

Graduands lining up for the graduation ceremony at the Epauto complex in Port Vila.

The University of the South Pacific Emalus Campus has recorded one of the highest number of graduates in the history of the University last week.

Vice-Chancellor and President of the University, Professor Pal Ahluwalia revealed a total of 345 students who graduated at Emalus with 185 females and 160 males from all around the region completing studies in various fields.

While many parents attended the event with smiles of joy as they witnessed the achievements of their hardworking love-ones, the next challenging journey for graduates is getting a job and for many this is one of the major challenge leaving them with doubts for their future.

A graduate who wishes to remain anonymous says having graduated from University is only a first step but getting a job is full-filling the dream.

He said the government of Vanuatu has invested a lot every year sending students overseas to study and if job opportunities are not created to allow students to practically invest in their skills is a waste of money and time for the government and the students.

Job opportunities for graduates is not only a problem for Vanuatu but the region as a whole.

The challenge of finding a job after completing study at USP has been raised many times by regional students during the Vice-Chancellor open forum at Laucala campus in Suva.

Daily Post couldn’t obtain a specific figure of USP students who have graduated last year but reports revealed that many of them are still without jobs and some have ended up driving buses or have switched to other fields to work. Teaching is an option taken by many.

Finding a job and working for a company or organization after graduating from University is not a sentiment agreed by all University graduates.

One of the former University graduate who has worked hard to become a young entrepreneur says, “Graduates must also be free of the mindset of getting employed, instead start creating employment of business otherwise we will have another bulk of intellectuals complaining of job opportunities”.

Daily Post observed a number of successful stories from this year’s graduating students for instance siblings graduating which include three Nasak siblings namely Mariah, Christopher and William; siblings Jacqueline and Joshua Iakavei; Rockson and Lyn Marou; and Rose Liu.

A few couples also graduated this year namely Jessica and Tony Tarivonda, Joyline and Alex Bisiwei, Florinda and Melton Aru, Leipanga and Mathew Walter and Betty and Jacobson Jondy.

Another successful story is Morris Kerry who is a first Ni-Vanuatu recipient of the USP inclusive program who graduated with a Diploma in Social Work.

The graduates — 54% female and 46% male — come from Australia, Federated States of Micronesia, Fiji, India, Kiribati, Solomon Islands, Tonga and Vanuatu.

Chairman of Public Service, Martin Mahe, told Daily Post earlier this year that graduates must prove they are ready to serve in the Public sector.

He urged students to show respect and professionalism at all times when they are given tasks to undertake.

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