Electoral Office releases voter registrations date for Port Vila Constituency

The Electoral Office has announced that starting from the 14th January 2020 to 26th January 2020, the Electoral Commission staff and the Civil Voters Registrations (CVR) officials will be located at the following Polling Stations for those respective areas that need to do their voting cards, to vote in the Port Vila Constituency, and have their national Id cards done.

According to the Electoral Commission, in a statement, the officials will be there until the 5th February 2020.

1) Anglican Church Hall

2) Vila North School

3) NTM- Agatis

4) Kawenu School

5) Anamburu School

6) Freshwota School


8) Town Hall

9) Dumbea

10) Chief’s Nakamal

11) Beverly Hills

12) Chief Andrew Pakoa’s area (Eratap/Etas)

13) Shefa Province (for those in Teouma)

All teams will be stationed at the mentioned polling stations from 8am-5pm, every day. The Electoral office wish to inform the public to bring along their birth certificates, and fees will not be charged until after the 5th February 2020, fees will be charged as usual.

Currently the Electoral Commission in collaboration with the civil status are currently conducting registration voters for eligible voters within SHEFA Province. For Efate offshore islands of Efate, registration exercises have begun on Monday this week.

The Electoral Commission has confirmed that registrations for the Emae/Tongoa Shepherds islands, will begin on the 13th January 2020. Daily post has been informed that the SHEFA province, is the last province, the Electoral Commission in collaboration with the civil status will be carrying out voter registrations for eligible voters, in preparation towards the upcoming 2020 General Election.

All other five provinces have gone through their registration exercises, which commenced last year. Shefa Province is the last prov

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