Ecole d’Anambrou Students Visit Daily Post

Ecole d’Anambrou Year 8 students and their teacher Cathy Niowenmal

The Year 8 students of Ecole d’Anambrou recently paid a visit to the Daily Post office as part of a school tour.

Since media and news is a topic the students are currently studying in class, a visit to the Daily Post was an eye-opener and a chance for them to see firsthand what they were learning about in class.

Upon arrival at the premises, the students met with Godwin Ligo, one of Vanuatu’s veteran journalists who gave them a brief history of journalism in Vanuatu from his days with Radio Vila during colonial days to the formation of Television Blong Vanuatu (TBV) and Capitol FM 107, Vanuatu’s first private owned radio station.

Daily Post journalist, Glenda Willie gave the students a run down on how the news is written, how information is gathered to create a news piece, how a news item is edited and presented.

Year 8 teacher Cathy Niowenmal, thanks the Daily Post and Buzz FM 96.3 staff for giving her class a chance to visit the premises and see firsthand what they have learnt in class.

The younger sister of former TBV News Anchor Glen Niowenmal says she believes her students will share what they have learnt with other students who have not had the chance to visit the Daily Post.

She says they would do so through the pictures and video clips they took with their mobile phones.

The students and teachers had the opportunity to visit the printing machine to see how the paper is printed.

They also visited the advertising and marketing section and learnt that income from marketing or advertising is the backbone of the newspaper and radio station.

The students ended their visit with a glimpse of the 96.3 Buzz FM studio and saw how the news is read on air.

Visiting student Betrina Shem says she really appreciates the opportunity she and her classmates had to visit the Daily Post and actually see what they have been learning in class.

The happy 15-year-old girl from Makira says this was her first time to visit a radio station and she has really learnt a lot of interesting things from her visit.

This is not the first time for a school to visit the Daily Post and it will not be the last.

School visits are more than welcome and any schools planning to visit may contact the Daily Post to arrange visits.

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