Digital adoption is fuelling Pacific export growth with 79 per cent of exporters using online channels to generate revenue.

This was one of the key findings from Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) Australia’s third export survey. A relatively affordable channel to drive awareness and sales is social media. To enable exporters in Vanuatu to take advantage of the growing digital trade market, PTI Australia delivered their Social Media Masterclass in Port Vila, Vanuatu on Thursday 12 March. The masterclass was at capacity with 70 participants representing a range of businesses from food manufacturing to beauty products.

E-commerce provides a platform for businesses in Vanuatu to connect with international markets and is becoming an important way for businesses in the Pacific to trade with the rest of world. Jeremy Grennell, General Manager – Exports PTI Australia said PTI Australia’s Social Media Masterclass was a great opportunity for businesses to gain better understanding of how social media can support growing their export business.

“Over the last few years there’s been a real shift in the trade sector with online platforms creating opportunities for exporters to access international markets,” he said.

“There’s still limited understanding on how to use Social Media for more than staying in touch with friends but to effectively engage to drive sales. PTI Australia’s Social Media Masterclass is being delivered to help bridge that gap and build the digital capacity of Vanuatu’s exporters.

“Compared to traditional marketing channels like print, social media allows businesses in Vanuatu to reach an international audience at a relatively low cost. Our Pacific Islands Export Survey found that only 67 per cent of exporters in the Pacific use social media, it’s a missed opportunity. That’s why as a part of PTI Australia’s Digital Trade program we are delivering our Social Media Masterclass to empower businesses in Vanuatu with the tools to use Facebook and Instagram to drive product awareness and ultimately sales.”

The interest and attendance at PTI Australia’s Social Media Masterclass illustrated the

Linda Trenkner, CEO, Volcanic Earth said PTI Australia’s Social Media Masterclass had been really insightful and provided practical steps they could implement.

“PTI Australia’s Social Media Masterclass has been fantastic, we actively use social media as part of our digital strategy and I’ve come away for the masterclass feeling inspired. I’ve gained some practical tips and tools that I can directly apply to improve the effectiveness of our social media channels to drive sales,” she said.

Founded in 1979, PTI Australia is an agency of the Pacific Island Forum Secretariat and is the Pacific region’s lead trade and investment facilitation agency; funded by the Australian Government.

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