DPM Loughman wants farmers to join Vanuatu Cooperative Business Network

All farmers throughout the country need to join the Vanuatu Cooperative Business Network (VCBN).

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister responsible for Cooperatives, Bob Loughman made the remarks during the launch of VCBN products at the Crystal Blue Resort last Friday.

Mr Loughman acknowledged the Office of the Register of Cooperative and Business Development Services for their hard work and collaboration with VCBN in realizing other cooperatives in Vanuatu.

“A Cooperative is the root in business for all people of Vanuatu, it forms the foundation for the people of this country to make business,” he said.

“I want to acknowledge the participation of all staff of the Ministry, Cooperative Department, private sector and especially the former DG, Mr George Borugu in preaching the message of ‘Partnership’. It is the element of development and i want to see the continuation of this partnership to improve and increase.”

Mr Loughman said that a number of countries are showing interest to engage with Vanuatu in terms of export but there is insufficient quantity of products available.

“Our products are organic and we can raise our standard higher than any other countries if we start to export our value added products like the cold-pressed pineapple juice,” he said.

“But our farmers need to join VCBN to work out ways to improve and sustain the quality and quantity of these products before we can export overseas.”

Mr Loughman stressed that Vanuatu will graduate from its LDC status in December 2020, and the country as a whole needs to prepare.

“Not only must Vanuatu ready for the graduation but we have to be prepared to face the challenges that will come after the graduation.

“We must revive all cooperatives and improve production to be able to export overseas to contribute to this country’s economy,” he said.

“We must have challenges to move and it makes us grow.”

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