DPM: Do not tolerate underage persons

Deputy Prime Minister Ishmael Kalsakau

The Government will soon penalize sellers of negative goods, casinos, nightclubs and bars if the law finds such institutions serving minors.

At a press conference on April 6, Deputy Prime Minister (DPM), Ishmael Kalsakau referred to the happenings of the May 1 when a minor participated in a competition at a Nightclub and won. This brought up the issue of underage entry into environments and purchasing items such as alcohol and cigarettes that have an 18+ age limit.

The DPM stated that it is the duty of service providers such as bar workers, retailers, and gate keepers to ensure that no minors are accepted into such institutions. It is not acceptable for the government that minors are accepted into such institutions that later present that they were unaware of the minors’ age as the ministry had already issued a warning.

An order will be signed in the coming week that will seek to penalize institutions that serve minors.

This fine will be VT100,000 at first instance when the law finds offence, VT200,000 at second offence and if institutions repeatedly commit offences the maximum penalty will be VT1 million or 3 years imprisonment.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs previously gave a strict warning in 2020 to all such institutions concerning the issue of underage peoples seeking service.

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