The Deputy Prime Minister (DPM) and Minister of Trades, Commerce and Tourism, Moana Carcasses and his staff were seen during the weekend with rakes, knives, and grass-cutters cleaning the ministry compound and building at the George Pompidou Area.

The Deputy PM was seen with his compressor washing the compound’s dirt wall ready for painting as well as the public footpath while, the Director General Marokon Alilee was working hard with his grass-cutter on the lawn.

Staff, directors and the spouse of the Deputy PM Marie Louise looking relaxed were cutting grass and getting rid of unwanted trash and branches.

The month of June ends this week, major celebrations of the country’s 35th Independence anniversary is just around the corner, the Deputy PM said cleaning needs to be done and as the minister responsible for tourism he is committed to lead by example.

“Before I will go around telling everyone; business houses about beautification, I must clean up my own backyard.

“The government of today is committed to work and we must show it,” said the Deputy PM.

Deputy PM said this is a message to motivate other ministries to clean their own workplaces.

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