Doughty family in Ba, Fiji supports Giovannie Samuel

Giovannie Samuel far left with the Doughty family in Ba, Fiji. Photo: Asinate Naiduki Doughty

Giovannie Samuel is fortunate to be looked after by the Doughty family in Ba, Fiji during this time of COVID-19 crisis in Fiji.

The second-year student of the Fiji National University who hails from Malekula is one of the students who have not received his allowance this year for this semester and have been struggling a lot with his rental payments, meals and other school expenses.

He shares rent with his colleague in Nakasi, Suva with a rent of Vt32,000 a month.Both attend College of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry doing Veterinary Science & Animal Husbandry programme.

It has been a tough journey for the two not getting allowances and trying to survive in the capital city of Fiji.

“We only have one meal per day,” Giovannie Samuel said.

“It’s been tough not receiving allowances and trying to survive.”

Samuel said they were expecting to receive Vt100,000 for this semester.

Mr Samuel’s prayers was answered during this long mid semester break following the great hospitality he is currently receiving from a Fijian family, the Doughty family in Ba, Fiji.

Speaking to Daily Post from Ba, FijiMrs Asinate Naiduki Doughty said; “Giovannie Samuel is blessed to be with us, we understand the frustrations they going through not receiving their allowances but we told him that we are here for him.

“He’s been at home now with us during this long break and we treat him as our own son.

“We told him not to worry about anything as we are here and will help him as a family,” Mrs Asinate Naiduki Doughty said.

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