1 discharged, 3 in critical condition

The Acting Medical Superintendent of Vila Central Hospital (VCH) has confirmed that one of the six victims of the fatal car accident on Tuesday night has been admitted in the hospital, but discharged late yesterday.

Doctor Tony Harry said three other victims are in critical condition and are receiving full medical attention. 

On Tuesday night, Police and Pro-Medical attended a car accident at the Rapid Electrical shop road, which resulted in the loss of two lives.

The deceased are currently at the mortuary, according to Dr. Harry.

Police identified one of the deceased to be from Maewo part Ambae, while the other deceased and the rest of the victims are from Maewo.

Chief Inspector Krem Bihu, Head of Police Traffic Unit said what happened was pure negligence on the driver's part.

He reiterated that police have been giving out public awareness after awareness on road safety.

"We went around the communities, give away leaflets, go to all the media outlets and even social media to preach the same message, 'do not drink and drive, or drive and do not drink," he said.

He continued, "People may complain and blame police for not patrolling on the roads, but, I must say that the police cannot continue going after the drivers, as they are not children.

"It is sad because drivers failed to learn from previous accidents. They chose to ignore our instructions."

Chief Inspector Bihu said drivers must learn to respect themselves.

"If they (drivers) care for their own self, they would not have gotten themselves into such situations."

"Their problem was, they were not only under the influence of alcohol but, they were travelling at a very high speed from my observation, and were overcrowded in the small Suzuki vehicle."

The Traffic Unit boss confirmed investigations are underway.

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