Director confirms hike in number of students at USP Emalus Campus

Surprisingly enough, the number of students at the University of the South Pacific’s Emalus Campus this year has increased as the university provides online and face to face lectures and tutorials.

This has been confirmed by Campus Director Ruben Bakeo.

“In Emalus and other campuses there are courses that wouldn’t be possible to be taken here but they were put online and because of the demand that was created we now have this going online. So, students are doing courses that they normally would do in other countries online in EMALUS, so I can see more possibilities to deliver things more remotely,” Director Bakeo mentioned.

The Campus Director said that EMALUS has made the best out of the situation that was given for the sake of the students – “Already there are a few programmes that are fully offered online including the programme at the law school here.”

“We do not consider this a big issue if anything we were able to leverage the situation to do more because we already been putting an increasing number of programmes online, perhaps more at the beginning of when COVID-19 came in.”

However, not everything can be provided online, as optimistic and driven as Emalus is, there are unfortunately, limitations.

“Not everything is offered online, like the 300-level that you need to complete in Fiji the areas in engineering that we do not have the facilities here, so there are some limitation which are specific to campus and in terms of the requirements to programmes that we understand that we are not able to do here.”

In terms of school fees for online courses, Director Bakeo mentioned that the fees will not change, even if the courses are provided completely online.

“COVID-19 made this such a big problem for us, it was the only way the university could take as a second option to deliver courses for the students, there may be people who will continue to have those concerns, as far as we can we try to make sure that the quality of the delivery is up to the expectation, people make think they can watch everything on YouTube, hopefully whatever is on YouTube is being used to complement their studies.”

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