“We have already spent Vt1.2 million on pipes and fittings for a new water supply system to link Lakatoro with Litzlitz and Tautu communities to make sure the 1,000-plus participants of the National Arts Festival do not encounter any water issues.”

This is a confirmation from the Director of the National Cultural Centre, Richard Shing, when he launched three products of the Festival outside the National Museum in Port Vila two days ago.

The three products are the Festival Logo, Website and Promotional Video. In fact he calls on everyone with a website, to post the festival programme on their own pages to push its promotion.

He speaks highly of the three products as essential tools to assist to help the public to get into the Festival Spirit as well as see the event as a fundraiser, to convince rural villages in the islands that they too can benefit financially from such a national cultural event.

Director Shing is confident the funding for the water pipes is allocated strictly from local sponsorships and does not include any Government financial contribution towards the festival.

The water system will be installed to connect Lakatoro where the Festival Venue, Wilkins Stadium, is located and the nearby communities of Litzlitz and Tautu which will help to house the 1,000-plus participants.

In the second phase he also confirms with confidence that the construction of shelters for the participants and the venue will all be completed well before hand.

The last phase of the festival is the implementation of the Festival Plan.

“Now we (Committee) have enough money to run this Festival and we encourage the international community to come to celebrate our cultural identity with us,” he says.

We wish to thank the business community for its assistance towards sponsoring it to drive the people to feel the spirit and importance of taking part in the festival.

“I am glad of the professionalism of our Communication Team and Coordinator (Wilfred Koran) for their achievements this far two months in advance, to avoid last minute rush to get things done”, Director Shing confirms.

He is confident the Department of Tourism will capitalize on the products by adding them to their website to advise the international community what is happening in the country, to encourage visitors to book to come to share the activities with the people of Vanuatu.

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