Digicel promises customers simply more in 2021

Shally Jannif, Digicel Regional CEO Pacific Group

As it closes the book on an eventful 2020, Digicel is promising customers simply more in 2021.

“Since its launch in Vanuatu in 2008, Digicel has been the key driver in the telecommunications revolution in the Pacific ensuring everyone, everywhere can be connected to, and benefit from, transformational communications services,” Digicel conveyed via a statement yesterday.

With its successful relaunch in October as a Digital Operator delivering 1440 minutes of digital experiences every day, all day, Digicel debuted its Digicel Prime Bundles which offer its suite of apps covering everything from sports, music and news to local radio, podcasts, messaging, marketplaces and cloud storage.

Now as 2021 arrives, Digicel is set to deliver on its promise of simply more by investing

US$10 million in its LTE networks across five Pacific markets in the first three months of 2021.

Commenting on Digicel’s plans to supercharge its network, Shally Jannif, Digicel Regional CEO Pacific Group, said; “When we promise simply more to customers, that’s what we are going to deliver. This is all about building better online experiences with stronger connectivity so that our customers can live and enjoy the full benefits of a connected digital lifestyle.”

She continues; “We would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone happy new year and to thank our customers for their support during 2020. We value their loyalty and we never take it for granted. That’s why as we enter 2021, we will focus all our energies on ensuring we deliver simply more and our customers always benefit from being Better Together with Digicel.”

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