Digicel Expansion on all Efate 4G Sites

Digicel Expansion on all Efate 4G sites.

Digicel customers are experiencing world class downloading, streaming and browsing with faster speeds than ever before, thanks to the completion of Digicel’s network upgrade and on-going transition to 4G+ connectivity in Efate

The network upgrade project which started early April this year focused on upgrading the entire network so that customers could experience better and faster data speeds. Digicel has upgraded all existing sites in Efate giving more capacity and more throughput per user plus higher user speeds and experience.

Digicel Vanuatu CEO, Deepak Khanna said, “Digicel Vanuatu now provides tuff tumas 4G+ speeds to its customers and is leading the way with providing better value and innovative products. At this time when companies are trying to save money, Digicel is investing in its network to make data experience better for our customers. Our Efate 4G customers can now enjoy upgraded speeds and we will rollout similar upgrades for Santo and other islands soon. I would like to encourage our customers to visit our stores to upgrade their handsets, SIMs, to get educated on how to opt into our Awesome Data Plans or learn how to manage their data”.

With an exciting line-up of new and innovative products yet to come, Digicel encourages customers to ensure they have the right tools to experience 4G+.

“As mentioned previously, two key components needed to experience 4G+, is a 4G sim and a 4G phone or device. Having both will enable you to experience supa tuff speeds”, added Khanna.

In its efforts to make phones affordable for its customers, Digicel has introduced the latest DL3 handset which is 4G capable for only VT7, 500 for customers.

For customers who want to check if their Sims and phones are 4G capable, please call 123 or visit any Digicel store for a free SIM upgrade.

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