DG Ligo confirms no renewal of contract

DG Ligo confirms no renewal of his contract

The Director General of the Ministry of Lands, Joe Ligo, has confirmed that government will not renew his contract.

During this announcement he said he will move to the private sector, although not specifying whether to seek further employment or set up his own business.

The Lands DG was speaking at a special luncheon hosted for the 21 Lands Department long service staff who were to be awarded medals of long service by the Head of State but the ceremony did not take place and the Daily Post could not get immediate comment from the State Office at the time of going to press.

Over the past years as Director General (DG) in the Public Service, Joe Ligo served in both the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Lands.

During the Department of Lands' 21 staff special luncheon which was also attended by the Chairman of the Public Service Commission (PSC), the Acting Secretary General of the PSC Gideon Mael, and Ministry and Department of Lands officials and staff yesterday, Mr Ligo confirmed that his contract ends on November 24 but will not be renewed.

He did not comment on other Director Generals position in other ministries.

However, the Lands DG calls on all staff in both the Ministry and the Department of Lands to cooperate with whoever takes over from him and keep the services going for the government and the people of Vanuatu.

“Do what you do, do well. All of us in the Ministry and the Department of Lands know well all the challenges we face all the time in all matters pertaining to Lands.

"However, the people of Vanuatu must come to realize that the Ministry and the Department of Lands have contributed astronomically in the economic development and advancement of Vanuatu that goes without saying,” he stated in his remarks on the eve of his departure from the public sector.

“Do not complaint, service your nation and people with integrity, faithfulness and dedication.

"It’s God’s calling for you to be employed in the Ministry and the Department of Lands.

"Be good stewards and maintain the same good standing whenever you are while at home, in church and at work and do your job well,” he encouraged the Lands Ministry and Department staff.

“In the Ministry and the Department of Lands we do not sit back in the offices, we go out into the fields, we face the many challenges on different land issues especially when it comes to development on lands.

"But we always do our best to ensure that good developments for the economic and social welfare of the people of Vanuatu do go ahead as and where possible.

"So be strong as public servants serving the government, people and nation and remain faithful and do your work well. I am leaving and will move on into the private sector,” Ligo said at the eve of his departure from the government as one of the longest-serving Director General in the Vanuatu Government.

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