Department of Labour Consults Public on Minimum Wage Increase

The Department of Labour has conducted a consultation to gather views from the general public on the Minimum Wage increase at Feiawa Park (Seafront Stage) yesterday.

Commissioner of Labour, Murielle Meltenoven said the consultation allows Government-paid workers to share their opinions on whether or not the recent Minimum Wage increase is suitable for their cost of living.

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Andrew Napuat signed the increased Minimum Wage rate of Vt200 to Vt220 per hour last month.

“The main purpose of the consultation is for the public to agree on a proper rate for the Government to impose so it can be legalised in the Minimum Wage Act,” said Commissioner Meltenoven

“Thereafter, we can create some regulations which can accommodate the cost of living allowance.”

The Commissioner further conveyed that it is reasonable to conduct a consultation where the Government needs to consult the people to get their comments and feedbacks on the increased Minimum Wage rate.

“Though the turnout of the day was not really that great, the Government needs to move forward on the proposals at hand to ensure the welfare of our workforces across the Vanuatu Labour Market is addressed,” she said.

“Whether you are working for the Government or a Private sector, the Department of Labour accepts all views and opinions.”

During the consultation, a fair number of employees submitted their views to Labour Officers. These will be compiled in a proper submission report and deliver it to the Technical Labour Advisory Committee.

Thus, the board of committee will suggest and recommend adaptable rates that is fair and compatible for the Government to consider and which can also be agreeable from both sides of employees and employers.

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