Port Vila landowners

Back row L to R: Principal Private Secretary Peter Bong, Jean-Paul Virelala, Steven Kalsakau, Erick Kaltapang mo Ps. Russel Bakokoto, Assistant Private Secretary Yan Dapang mo long Front row L to R: Kalkot Kaltabang, Kalsef Tangraro, President Obed Moses Tallis and Chief Denny Nmak Kalmet.

On Monday last week the declared custom land owners of the land Port Vila town has been built on met President Obed Tallis to officially inform him of the declaration.

The declaration was reportedly made in May last year by the Efate Island Court last year.

The declared custom land owners from Erakor, Eratap, Pango and Ifira assured that now the ownership issue has been decided, there will be no more disturbances on land issues within the central business district of Port Vila.

During the meeting with the Head of State, the delegation presented the green certificate for the land that was issued by the Customary Land Management Office.

With this assurance, the President told the delegation that the people of Efate have a good heart to allow people to settle on their land.

He said the development pace of Efate today is testament that reflects the good nature of Efate people.

The President thanked people of Efate for allowing people from other islands to reside in areas like Teouma and Etas.

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