COVID safety measures for Emalus Campus

Director of Emalus Campus Mr. Andrew Mackenzie

Despite the new developments in Vanuatu’s COVID-19 situation, normal classes will continue on at the University of the South Pacific (USP)’s Emalus campus.

With talks circulating about Face-To-Face classes being canceled and withheld due to changes in the COVID-19 situation, Emalus Director Andrew Mackenzie, clears up what Emalus will be doing in response to the changes in the present COVID-19 situation.

The campus is guided by the state of emergency protocols that have been set out by the Government. The government has called for all businesses, schools and educational institutions to remain open at this time while practising strict hygiene measures as precautions. In agreement, Emalus has hand washing stations all over campus have been reinstated as a precautionary measure and students are being asked to observe hygiene regulations under the current COVID plan.

This being washing hands upon entering a classroom or facility, face masks, practising social distancing and using hand sanitizers.

Mr. Mackenzie says that the Campus is very fortunate that presently it is on a semester break, meaning there are far fewer students on campus. There are campus staff responsible for ensuring that students are practising good hygiene at all times.

At the beginning of 2020, the USP had established a plan across all its campuses. This plan sets out all staff and students’ responsibility upon entering or visiting the campus to make sure health guidelines are in place.

Emalus is currently advising its students to follow instructions given by the government, this being all schools remain open. With the present situation normal classes will continue as normal on campus.

The Director states that this will be reviewed at the end of a 72-hour period.

If the situation elevates, the campus will be guided by the government. If the government requests for the campus to be shut down, the campus will be shut down. Director Mackenzie says he is able to give instructions for campus closure anytime, upon Government instructions.

At present due to the semester break there are no normal classes. Whether normal classes will continue or not will be known by Thursday. If the situation remains unchanged, normal classes will continue next week. However, if the situation evolves there are measures set in place for course delivery. All courses will shift to online platforms if the situation evolves to a point that requires it.

Director Mackenzie states that if students of Emalus have questions, the school administration officer can be contacted or an email can be sent through the university’s central email.

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