Father Walter H. Lini, first Prime Minister of Vanuatu-1980-1991

Father Walter H Lini, then first Prime Minister of Vanuatu, 1980 — 1991.

In 10 days’ time, Vanuatu will commemorate the Lini Day in honour of the Father of Independence — the late Father Walter Lini — who passed away on 21st February 1999.

This year will mark 20 years when Father Walter Lini passed away in Port Vila. Since then, memorial services have always been held at the Anglican Church in Port Vila where his memorial stone stands and also at his tomb site at Nazareth in North Pentecost.

The Daily Post understands that a mini photo exhibition in his memorial will be set up in Port Vila to commemorate the 20th year of his passing away.

In addition, some of the independence political veterans who will come together to share their experiences.

At this stage whether or not there will be a national program. National leaders may join the Anglican Church in Port Vila in a memorial Lini Day service at Tagabe, and a memorial service at his tomb at Nazareth in North Pentecost.

In the past, national leaders including Prime Ministers and Head of State usually attend the Lini Day memorial service at the Anglican Church at Tagabe in Port Vila.

The program includes speeches from national leaders and civic leaders, sharing of food and other activities.

The late Father Walter Lini, was the first Prime Minister of Vanuatu and occupied the position for 11 years-from 1980 to 1991. He was the longest serving Prime Minister of the Independent Republic of Vanuatu.

”Respect is Honorable” was one of his famous quotes that has penetrated the hearts of thousands of the citizens of Vanuatu, people in the Pacific and the world at large. It remains one of the reminders of peace to the leaders of Vanuatu today and tomorrow.

Father Walter Lini was a priest, a politician and a high ranking custom chief of Pentecost and PENAMA Province.

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