Coronavirus a major public concern

Members of the general public have voiced their concerns over the outbreak of coronavirus in China that has now spread to other parts of the world, urging the relevant Government authorities to be proactive and step up security measures at Vanuatu’s borders.

Some call on the Vanuatu health, immigration, quarantine and other authorities to totally ban visitors from China, Asia, Thailand, USA, Australia and other countries that have already reported Coronavirus cases.

A wellknown custom chief who asked to remain anonymous, said the Vanuatu Government should put a ban on every flight arrivals that are linked to China and the countries that have already reported Coronavirus cases.

“It is better for Vanuatu to avoid this deadly disease at all costs,” he said. “Our population is small, our health facilities are limited, therefore, we must take every preventive measure at this point time when no case is yet reported in Vanuatu.”

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