Construction of new road given goahead by Ifira Paramount Chief

Construction of the new road at Colardeau to Independence Park has been given the go ahead by Paramount Chief of Ifira after an apology and permission to construct was sought. Photo: Fred Samuel

The Construction of the new road being cleared at Colardeau to Independence Park in Port Vila has been given the go-ahead by Paramount Chief of Ifira, Mantoi Paunimanu Kalsakau III, representing customary land owners.

It is the intention of the task force responsible for preparations towards this year’s 40th Independence Anniversary to construct this new road as a legacy that will remain after the special event.

The new road is being constructed by the Department of Public Works.

A delegation led by the Director of Public Works, Allen Faerua and the National Coordinator of the 40th Anniversary, Fred Samuel, presented a mat and pig to the paramount chief and apologized for not seeking permission to construct.

Mr Samuel said the paramount chief was happy that they sought permission and has given his blessing for works to continue.

“Custom and church which played an important role on the national fight for independence will be featured in this year’s event. We are planning to organise a Gospel Choir event after the Independence Parade and Children’s Day,” he said.

The government, through the Council of Ministers has approved that main road sections in Port Vila be upgraded before the celebration.

According to Mr Samuel, priorities include core Bladinere roads as Marobe Market is expected to be the venue for the Agriculture Show, prior to July 30.

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