Constitutional Committee familiarizes with review process

The first scheduled meeting of the Constitutional Review Committee sat Monday this week in which 18 of the 27 appointed members were present to familiarize themselves with the process of the job that is set before them.

Members present include Leader of Opposition, Ishmael Kalsakau, representative of the Vanuatu Christian Council, representative of society for people with disability, representative of the council of trade unions, and representatives from different political parties.

Minister of Lands, Ralph Regenvanu revealed that the meeting was brief on the terms of reference of the committee, some documents that were to be used by the committee and also talked about concerns raised by different members.

“The ways forward is the ad hoc committee that has also been appointed to look at the Constitutional Review on Wednesday this week to provide additional to the constitutional review committee,” said Minister Regenvanu.

He added that the next meeting of the Constitutional Review Committee will be on Friday this week focusing on what the committee’s work will be.

“We will try to narrow it down to a particular set of questions or issues or amendments that we will be working on towards producing the report to the parliament by the end of August.”

The committee is yet to decide on how often it will meet but next week has been ruled out due to independence celebrations.

The committee has the whole of next month to prepare the report.

According to Regenvanu, State Law Office will provide the Secretariat along with the advisor of the Speaker of Parliament who will be sitting in as the secretariat of the committee.

“This week we are just familiarizing ourselves with the process and setting the work plan.

“The proper work of the committee will kick off on the beginning of August,” he added.

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