Con artist using Prime Minister’s name to obtain money

A con artist is going around telling people in Vanuatu that he is representing Prime Minister Charlot Salwai and collecting Vt5,000 from people in return of a promise to go and work in Canada.

The conman uses the name Etienne Bulewak and is believed to be currently residing in Vila.

Public Relations Officer (PRO) to the Prime Minister’s Office, Hilaire Bule confirmed Mr Salwai is not aware of such dealings.

He said it came to their attention when they were approached by police officers who were inquiring about the alleged “scheme”.

“We made our investigations and discovered that he started engaging in this activity last December.

“Prior to Christmas Day, a nurse whom the man also deceived into believing his lies and engaged her in the “scheme” sent over Vt50,000 from Santo to the con man in Vila via the Western Union,” PRO Bule said.

Bule said when he contacted the nurse, she told him that she never knew the con man. She was approached by the person, who asked her to help him in this project. Thinking that the project was a genuine one, the nurse said she agreed because she wanted to help the unemployed youths in their area in Luganville.

After sending the money to the con man, the nurse learnt sometime later that the con man was lying about the so-called scheme and the name he was using.

PRO Bule said they are trying to locate the con man. He added that PMO will not be responsible to refund all the monies because they are not part of it.

Bule is urging all who have given their money to the con man to lodge their complaints with the police so they could get their monies back.

Meanwhile, members of the public are reminded to always verify the names of people who claim to be agents with the Department of Labour, before giving their hard-earned money to anyone who asks for money

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