15 computers for Lycee de Luganville

Mr Timas Jacob from the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OCGIO) handing the new

computers to Year 13 arts head student Ashilda Bongmega, on behalf of Prime Minister Charlot Salwai.

Prime Minister Charlot Salwai has donated a set of 15 new computers to be used at the new library in Lycee de Luganville, Santo.

The contribution to the school’s Diamond Jubilee, which was commemorated on August 19, 2016 is an acknowledgement to the fact that the school, which was established during the British and France Condominium era produced many national leaders, including Chief Justice Vincent Lunabek.

PM Salwai was a student at Lycee de Luganville in 1971.

Other national leaders who were present with the Prime minister to celebrate the 60th Anniversary included Minister of Finance and Economic Management (MFEM) Gaetan Pikioune who was a former student, Minister of Education Jean Pierre Nirua, Minister of Agriculture Matai Seremiah, Minister of Health Toara Daniel, Santo Rural MP Tchamaco Mahe and Public Service Commission chairman Martin Mahe.

Also present were the President of the Province Nord in New Caledonia, Mayor of Luganville Municipality, President of Sanma Provincial Council, the Director General in the Ministry of Education and Director of Education Services and Directors.

Two former principals who are now residing in New Caledonia also attended. One of them was Mr. Jean Gustave (90 years old), he served as principal from 1971-1979. Mr. Robert Carriconde’s eldest son served as principal in 1980.

Lycee de Luganvill principal, Barthelemy Ngwele, thanked PM Salwai, saying the computers will assist the students in their education.

He also acknowledged PSC chairman Mahe and OGCIO Gerard Metstan for facilitating the donation.

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