Computers for Lamlu School

ANZ’s Executive Assistant & Customer Advocate, Bernadine Malere, handing over the computers to Laurent Kasso

The ANZ Bank in Port Vila has made a generous donation of 15 computers to Lamlu Junior Secondary School on Tanna.

These computers will assist students in both theory and practical works of basic computer skills and programs.

Receiving the computers on behalf of the school administration, Laurent Kasso, a representative based in Port Vila expressed his heartfelt gratitude to ANZ for not only the business house to respond positively to this request, but also to  agree to offer a total of 15 computers altogether.

According to Kasso, this is the first time ever for the school to own computers.

He said he witnessed first hand how students from Lamlu school had to take turns to use computers from Lowanatom School.

"They had to travel by truck to Lowanatom School just to access computers there. Each student has a limited time to a computer," he said.

In response, Ms Bernadine Malare expressed ANZ's excitement to support schools, particularly, those which are located in the remote areas.

She also emphasised on the importance of computers in education. She agreed that schools should provide their students the opportunity to access the Internet; it will help them to develop the knowledge about the current technology as well as know what is happening around the world everyday. 

She said although bank services that ANZ is offering cannot reach whole of Vanuatu, but they can be seen through such donations.

This week Lamlu School is expected to witness the installation of the computers.

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