Community member raises concern over island’s reputation

A picture of a cruise line next to the famous Mystery Island on Aneityum. (FB)

The people of Aneityum have raised disappointments over the numerous critics via social media platforms which have been tarnishing the name of the island as a whole.

It comes as local authorities recently confirmed that a passenger on the Voyager of the Seas cruise ship which visited Aneityum on the 11th of March had tested positive with the COVID-19 virus upon arrival in Sydney.

However, with the continuous allegations and criticisms reaching higher heights via social media, few members of the island’s community are questioning the caretaker and the new government as well, in what steps the government will take to address such criticisms before regular flights and shipping services are installed back on the island.

In regards to COVID 19 threats, Mr John Rarai, an upset community member told Daily Post that a lot of people are tarnishing the island’s reputation along with its beautiful natural resources, which for a fact, have attracted over thousands of tourists globally in visiting the place, especially the famous ‘Mystery island’.

Mr Rarai voiced his concerns that critics have gone to the extreme, and with services put on hold with the island destination, he said that a lot of people have concluded that the community is also responsible for the cruise line visit. He said that such allegations have tremendously tarnished the name of the island, its communities and the people.

The community member said that tourism is one of the main revenues for the country. He stated that Aneityum, so far, is also one of the major attracting revenues for the government and the country. He said that people from the island also generate and produce some of the biggest revenue for the country.

Rarai is appealing for respect as well throughout the country, as everyone are helping each other and the government as a whole in building up the economic development of Vanuatu.

At this stage there are no suspected or confirmed cases in Vanuatu.

All samples taken on Aneityum have been tested in New Caledonia and the result was negative.

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