Live music, joyful dancing, loud laughers and the sprinkle of coloured dust floating into the air will come alive at Le Life Resort on a 2-day event from September 29 to 30 during the Colour Festival.

The festival was inspired by Holi – the Festival of Colours, which is celebrated every spring throughout India and has now been espoused by Vanuatu to celebrate human spirit and togetherness.

Essentially it is a music festival but with an abundance of colour, showcasing Vanuatu's very own artists all brought together to celebrate the Vanuatu spirit, diversity and happiness. This dance music festival will host a true kaleidoscope of Vanuatu cultures.

The festival will host the largest colour-powered ‘splash’ in Vanuatu history.

The concept will feature hundreds of patrons, dressed in white and coming together to share through music, dance, food and culture with a uniformed ‘colour-splash’ which will take place every hour. After a minimum of 3 ‘colour-splashes’ the audience will be completely covered by the coloured powder, depicting a true ‘rainbow nation’ feel.

The Music Festival will start at 12pm during the day on the Saturday until 12pm at night and continue again from 12pm Sunday until late.

Over the 2 days attendants will be entertained with a collection of non-stop island music from top Djs and bands from Vanuatu and around the world, on-stage entertainment and hourly colour throws in the main arena while the area will be lined with loads of activities for all ages to partake in, otherwise there is always the serenity and joy of indulging in quality island food on the beach overlooking the ocean.

Entertaining performers partaking in the event are the New Zealand (NZ) Chocolate Box Deluxe band, NZ Laughton Kora, NZ DJ Ayesha and collaborated with Vanuatu’s own talented artists, Tujah and the Groove Gang, Confliction, Yosh Shing, DJ Tuff Tumas and DJ Mayjah4.

There will be on-site camping available with facilities, so choose from one of the Colourfest Committee’s transfer options between the 2 days or decide to camp out under the stars with your closest friends and soak up the festival feeling. Those wishing to go can choose to bring your own tent or stay in one of the tents provided for just Vt1000 ($12) per person with everything you would need.

A roadshow of vehicles, with volunteers covered in powdered paint and holding banners, cruised into Port Vila town yesterday while promoting the festive event. The roadshow began its route from Saralana Park making its steady tour into town.

Pre-sale tickets can be purchased at all Digicel Stores from just Vt2,500 or Vt3,500 and receive an event t-shirt. General entry at the door will be Vt3,000. Special promotion finishes on the 25th, buying four tickets will get you an extra free ticket. For more information visit the website and Facebook at Vanuatu Colourfest 2018.

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