Colorite prints Daily Post content

The Colorite Graphics Printers is currently printing the Daily Post content. It is expected to print three editions.

Readers and clients of Daily Post will notice there is a change of paper type since yesterday’s issue. This type of paper is called flat sheet. Daily Post uses newsprint.

The newspaper company encountered a newsprint shortage due to shipment delay.

There is no other newspaper printing company in town, nonetheless given the good working relationship between Trading Post Ltd and the Colorite Graphic Printers, newspaper issues will continue to be published, despite the upfront issue.

Daily Post has a special newspaper press called the rotary press that prints big reels of paper. The news printing press is printing one and a half hours duration to print thousands of copies while it takes roughly seven hours for Colorite to print.

Colorite Graphic Printers is currently printing a minimum required number of newspaper. The newsprint is expected to increase to its normal run when the reel sheets arrive in Port Vila.

Director and owner of Colorite Graphic Printers, Ashok Kumar said he is happy to assist the newspaper company since the stock is not available. He said clients, customers and readers of Daily Post would want a copy of the paper each day.

It is all about sharing the responsibility with Daily Post to help disseminate all required information, Mr. Kumar said.

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