Ministry of climate change visits Pentecost

Minister Lini leads delegation from the Ministry of Climate Change on a week-long tour to his constituency on Pentecost, to coincide with Lini Memorial Day

Minister of Climate Change Ham Lini has embarked on a week-long tour to  his constituency on Pentecost, with staff from the ministry.

The tour started from Pangi, in the southern part of the island and will continue through central and will finish in the north on Wednesday, coinciding  with Lini Memorial Day.

The idea is to bring various departments under the Ministry of Climate Change (MOCC) down to the community to inform people of their responsibilities , functions and activities of the ministry, said Minister Lini.

"It is an opportunity for the people to ask questions and raise issues of concerns related to the ministry and government," he added.

A meeting was held on their first day at Pangi attended by community members as far as Ranwas to the area of Hot Water.

More consultation were held at Waterfall, Ranwadi High School, Melsisi, Lebwibwi and Tanbok in central Pentecost.

Some issues raised were poor road conditions, limited telecommunication network coverage and the need for evacuation centers for refuge during cyclone events.

Forest and marine conservation were also highlighted as priorities for some communities. 

Communities in central Pentecost repeated the need to upgrade roads to allow farmers access to markets and services in all weather.

South Pentecost is popular for supplying taro and kava to urban areas.

It is also renowned for the popular land diving ceremony that brings hundreds of tourists to the island annually.

In a statement to announced their visit, the Director General of the MOCC, Jesse Benjamin said: "The government and the MOCC is already present on Pentecost through the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) funded Vanuatu Coastal Adaptation Project (VCAP) project.

"VCAP is focusing on roads upgrades and building resilience of communities in the sectors of agriculture, small livestock, fisheries and forestry.

"Organizing meetings during the tour allows us (the ministry) to listen to the communities and observe their issues so options to upscale existing projects can be negotiated with key implementing agencies.

"We want to seek new alternatives to build resilience using lessons generated from existing projects," said DG Benjamin.

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