The first Chinese delegation of tourists to Port Vila were impressed.

The tourists, who arrived in Port Vila on Friday, the 24th of August were invited by Vanuatu’s Trade Commission Office in Guangdong Province, China.

MG Group hosted the local tour and arranged the programs with the Vanuatu Tourism Limited (VTL), leaving the visitors with a good impression of Port Vila.

Speaking on behalf of the tour group, VTL Manager Ronald Tsun said the group is highly satisfied with what they have seen during their tour in Port-Vila.

“The group is very happy with their tour in Port Vila despite the short stay, we learn a lot more about this beautiful country and the people who are very friendly and open,” he said.

The delegation visited some very well-known spots like the Port Vila Market, where they discovered coconut crabs for the first time and natural grown fruits like banana, pineapple, watermelon and many more.

Another first was the tasting of kava at Cocomo Resort which they really appreciated. The Zipline experience was also memorable to all the tourists after going through the big forest.

The group visited some development projects funded by the People’s Republic of China like the Parliament house, the Convention Center, and CCECC’s aggregate stock for the extension and renovation for Bauerfield Airport at Mele.

The group expressed great appreciation for the service provided at Holiday Inn during their stay and the Ramada Hotel where they spent their last night before leaving the country.

According to the group, which comprise media, Chinese celebrities and tourism professionals, some of the places visited outside Port Vila need advancement.

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