China donates US$100,000 to Vanuatu for COVID-19 Prevention and Control

Vanuatu’s caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs,International Cooperation and External Trade, Ralph Regenvanu, receives the cheque of 100,000 US dollars of Chinese Ambassador Zhou Haicheng towards Vanuatu’s efforts to prevent and control COVID-19.

On behalf of the Chinese government, Chinese Ambassador Zhou Haicheng presented a cheque of USD100,000 to Vanuatu’s caretaker Minister of Foreign Affairs International Cooperation and External Trade, Ralph Regenvanu, to support Vanuatu’s efforts to prevent and control COVID-19 on Thursday March 26th.

A ceremony was held at the Vanuatu Ministry of Foreign Affairs,International Cooperation and External Trade to mark the handing over.

In his remarks, Ambassador Zhou said, good friends feel close even when they are thousands of miles apart. China highly appreciates the valuable support of Vanuatu government and people after the outbreak of COVID-19 in China.

China relates to what Vanuatu is going through now and is ready to help Vanuatu to the best of its capability.

Mr Zhou emphasized that upholding the vision of a community with a shared future for mankind while doing its utmost to combat the virus domestically, China will do whatever it can to further assist Vanuatu in the spirit of solidarity amid adversity, deepen cooperation and share its experience in pandemic prevention and control, and work with the international community to protect regional and global public health security. With concerted efforts, mankind will surely defeat this virus in the near future. The friendship and cooperation between China and Vanuatu will be strengthened and deepened, Zhou added.

Mr Regenvanu pointed out that COVID-19 is a crisis for Vanuatu and the whole world, and China’s efforts and success in combating COVID-19 has shown the world how to contain the virus and how to control the pandemic.

Regenvanu appreciated China’s quick support to Vanuatu and stressed that Vanuatu highly values the relationship and friendship between the two countries.

Quoting the ancient saying that “a friend in need is a friend in deed”, he said Vanuatu needs to cooperate with foreign partners including China to find effective methods to contain the virus and save people’s lives. Regenvanu believes that the Vanuatu-China relationship will be even stronger thanks to mutual support and close cooperation in the fight against this pandemic.

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