China committed to supporting Vanuatu’s Agricultural Sector

(l-r) Minister of Agriculture, Matai Seremaiah and Chinese Ambassador Zhou Haicheng

In the recent years, the bilateral comprehensive partnership between China and Vanuatu has developed smoothly on the basis of mutual respect and common development, especially in the agricultural sector.

China’s Yuan Longping High-Tech company has organised a Second Vegetable Cultivation Technology Training in the past few weeks with the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, Forestry, Fisheries and Biosecurity (MALFFB) and the Vanuatu Institute of Public Administration and Management (VIPAM).

During the official closing of the six-weeks training, Chinese Ambassador Zhou Haicheng remarked that in the future, China will strengthen agricultural cooperation with Vanuatu and encourage more Chinese enterprises to invest in Vanuatu.

“In the past six weeks, Chinese experts dedicated their time and passion to delivering advanced agricultural technologies and skills to the ninety-six farmers who has partook in the course training,” said Ambassador Zhou.

“With the new techniques of vegetable cultivation, Vanuatu farmers can plant vegetables in the country towards food security.”

Mr Zhou concluded his remarks by stating that “as the Chinese Ambassador, I will continue to work with the Government to further strengthen practical cooperation on all sectors and take the China-Vanuatu Comprehensive Strategic Partnership to a higher level bring more tangible benefits to the two peoples”.

Established in 1999 and ranked the first among seed industry in China, the Yuan Longping High-Tech is a China-based company principally engaged in the production, processing, packaging, cultivation, breeding, branding and distribution of seeds and seedlings of high-tech crops.

Vice President of Yuan Longping High-Tech, Chen Zhi Xin was glad to report that the training program has reached its goal as expected after 45 days of learning and exchanges.

“The classroom lectures enable everyone to know the basic situation of China’s vegetable cultivation and vegetable industry,” conveyed Mr Chen.

“The field practicals allow each participant to experience China’s cultivation facility and technology of common vegetables.

“The end of the training workshop is in fact the beginning of our cooperation.

“Longping High-Tech will provide better technology service according to Vanuatu’s demand and the requirements of Chinese government in the future.”

Through the Vegetable Training Course in Vanuatu, the Biosecurity of Vanuatu has issued an Import Permit for Plants to Longping High-Tech, making it the first Chinese seed company to enter the vegetable market of the South Pacific region.

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