Children’s Day theme focuses on protecting and valuing children

This year’s Children’s Day theme focuses on protecting and valuing children

‘Children are our future. Valuing and protecting them at home, communities, provinces and national(ly)’ is the theme of this year’s Children’s Day.

Children’s Day is celebrated on July 24 every year across the country to raise awareness about children’s welfare, their rights and freedom.

The day is an official public holiday to allow everyone; the government, educational institutions, churches, businesses and families to reflect on the value and contributions of children to the society.

In Port Vila, the celebration will be held at the Independence Park. It will commence with a parade starting from Fatumaru Bay.

Children’s day activities include quiz, performances and launching of the ‘Taf Tumas! Different journeys, one people’, Vanuatu’s first ever non-fiction children’s storybook about inspiring ni-Vanuatu.

The official address is expected to be delivered by the Minister of Education.

Entertainment and lunch will be provided for children.

The Parliament Open Day will be held in the afternoon on that day and the children are invited to attend it.

The former Clerk, Lino Bulekuli Sacsac, Former President Ati George Sokomanu, Former Speaker Maxime Carlot Korman, Former MP Hilda Lini and current Speaker Shadrack Gracia will be addressing the open day.

Also, children will have the opportunity to witness the launch of the lighting of the fountain in front of the Parliament House.

An exhibition for women in the Public Service will also be on that day but held at the Convention Centre.

The preparations for the Children’s Day are being led by the Ministry of Justice and Community Services (MoJCS).

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