Minister Maoh (c) presenting a cheque for Vt: 200,000 for Pastor Hezekiah( l) for National Prayer Assembly, with committee members present

The Minister of Internal Affairs, Alfred Maoh, said the Constitution is too open on “Freedom of Worship”.

He said Vanuatu as a Christian country, must review this article under the Constitution of the Republic of Vanuatu.

“I will take this as far as tabling a paper on this in Parliament, and if it requires a national referendum, then we will go that far, because there has to be a control on religious movements entering the country.

“Vanuatu is a Christian country and this is a crucial issue that cannot be left longer but must be dealt with soon and I am going dealt with the issue even to parliament and the referendum,” he said.

The Internal Affairs Minister made the statement when he presented a cheque to the amount of Vt200,000 to the organizer of the Melanesia/Vanuatu National Prayer Assembly Pastor Hezekiah Loloi, Friday afternoon of last week.

Minister Maoh added that the national parliament and the government of the Republic of Vanuatu have an obligation of 10% tithing to the Christian Churches in Vanuatu.

He claims that the parliament and the government must include in its annual budget an amount of Vt19 Million tithing to all Christian Churches and Ministries in Vanuatu.

“Our Motto clearly states that ‘In God We Stand’ yet the parliament and the government have failed to honor the nation’s tithing of 10% to the Christian Churches and the Ministries in Vanuatu”.

He claims that if the country wishes to receive full blessings from God, then it must honor the 10% tithing to the Christian Churches and all Christian Ministries in Vanuatu.

Minister Maoh went further to state that the present Vanuatu Christian Council (VCC) is not fully representative of all Christian Churches and Ministries in Vanuatu.

He said he wants to see a Christian Umbrella Organization with a different and appropriate name that will accommodate every Christian Churches and Ministries in Vanuatu and not just the traditional mother Churches as is now who are members of the VCC .

He said he will consult for an appropriate name that could replace the Vanuatu Christian Council that will pave way to accommodate every Christian Churches and Ministries in Vanuatu.

“This country must stand on Christian principles and not compromise its position in our motto ‘In God We Stand’,” said Minister Maoh.

“No One in this country can argue with our motto “In God We Stand” and if we want to see full economic prosperity and blessings then Vanuatu leaders and people must take a firm stand to do all things according to God’s principles and not man’s own thinking,” the minister said.

He calls on the National Prayer Assembly and all Christians in Vanuatu to pray for the changes he wants to see done in amending “Freedom of Worship” in the national constitution and in finding ways to accommodate every Christian Churches and Ministries under one umbrella name.

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