Chairman John Tonner (centre) and Brenda Andre listen while Director of Department of Tourism Development, George Borugu praises stakeholders for achievements at wharf

The Chairman of the Port Vila Cruise Tourism Committee, John Tonner has called on approximately 200 mamas and papas attending the 60-day Port Vila Wharf Traffic Management Plan Awareness Forum, to maintain worship in all their meetings saying, placing God first at all meetings makes the people of Vanuatu the people that they are.

The Chairman delivered his encouraging remarks following the closing of the morning session at the Vanuatu National Convention Centre,  with a beautiful song called “They that wait upon the Lord”, sung in English and Ifira language follow by a prayer also in Ifira language last week.

In fact all Government meetings including regional and international meeting that are held in Port Vila these days, cannot proceed without a prayer.

Even in parliament, the Clerk selects a member of parliament to open each sitting of parliament with a prayer to connect the mind with God to lead.

Chairman Tonner said a spiritual approach to start each new day is not normal in other countries of the region and the people of this country must hold fast the their unique identity which he believes, puts the country in its own category compared to the rest of the destinations round the world.

Even Prime Minister Charlot Salwai has thanked the churches through the Executive of the Vanuatu Christian Council, for constantly praying for the Government and leaders of the country.

To prove his words, he announced a Vt10 million annual grant to be paid to the VCC.

The Prime Minister said in all the challenges faced by the Government, the churches are always there to pray for peace and unity.

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