The Central Primary and Secondary School celebrated their book week this week from 5th of August to 15th with the theme: Reading is my secret Power.

Book Week is a great event for kids to celebrate their love of reading, characters and authors.

Teacher and Librarian, Vatiseva Robert said that the book week is annual event for the school. She said that this year, they involved classes one to year ten, to produce a display or a reading response program in regards to this year’s theme.

The book week had seen students displaying their skills through writings, poems, drawings, expressing themselves in the power of walking in the shoe of others, through their stories, the power to improve vocabulary and imagination.

Ms Robert said that this week had seen students responding with their programs of what they have been learning and reading under the theme.

Yesterday had seen few students dressing up in their favorite character costumes and presenting their favorite books at the school’s assembly.

During the program, they explained their characters and expressed what they feel towards the characters, and also recommend those books to students.

She said they are happy to display and recognize the importance of book authors. Ms Robert said that it is an important time, where parents can also be aware and see what their children’s and students has been doing throughout the week. It is more of promoting the students reading and writing skills.

Ms Robert further comments that reading does indeed gives us a secret power. She said that it gives the power to work in the shade of others through their stories, the power to escape into other worlds and the power to improve vocabulary and imagination.

She said that more importantly it is to enable everyone to understand the love of reading. Book Week at central school happens on August before students go for holidays, at the end of term 2.

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