Carpenter Motors Vanuatu supports Port Vila Chiefs

Bob Burelong of Carpenter Motors (right) handing over the keys and papers of the Izuzu Dmax to Chief Vinbel Ahapath, Chairman of the Port Vila Council of Chiefs.

Carpenter Motors Vanuatu is supporting the Port Vila Town Council of Chiefs with the loan of a vehicle to support their important peacekeeping community work this week.

The Port Vila Town Council of Chiefs are organising a custom reconciliation ceremony at the Nakamal blong ol Jif (Malvatumauri) at 12PM today between the communities of Tanna and Ambrym living in Port Vila to promote peace, following the recent period of community unrest over the death of an elderly Tannese who was assaulted.

“Carpenter Motors Vanuatu is extremely proud to be supporting the Port Vila Council of Chiefs with the loan of a double cab Isuzu DMAX for three days,” said Carpenter Motors’ Vanuatu Dealer Principal, John Clift.

“This will enable them to collect local food being brought from Tanna, especially for the reconciliation ceremony, as well as an enormous pig from North Efate.

“As the country’s leading automotive vehicle dealer, we take very seriously our community obligations and work where we can to support important community initiatives like this one.

“We are very honoured that the Port Vila Council of Chiefs came to us for assistance and are especially proud that we can assist them with a DMAX to help peace to prevail again in Port Vila.”

Mr. Vinbel Ahapath, Chairman of the Port Vila Town Council of Chiefs thanked Carpenter Motors for its assistance.

“Carpenter Motors is helping the important work chiefs are doing to solve the social problems in our town,” he said.

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