Call to prosecute all EDF administrators

After the investigation on European Development Fund (EDF9) missus, further investigation was supposed to be carried out as recommended but nothing happened to date since August last year.

A recommendation has been made by the Commission to have some high-ranking officers within the government departments and private sectors to be investigated and that has been a dormant issue so far.

They are MP Albert William, Prime Rose Malosu, Sali Langrup, Victor Rory, Sandrino Traverso, Norman Tore, MP Sato Kilman, Lambert Maltock, Shedrack Welegtabit, John Robert, Ian Abbil, Jean Lui Meltetamat, Balen Ata, Edward Kaltamat, Lonsdale Hinge, Godfrey Dahuri, Manuel Ure, Augustine Garae, Paul Telukluk, Gideon Tabius and UNELCO.

More than Vt150 million grant has been given to Vanuatu government in 2007 purposely for the biofuel projects in Torba, Penama and Malampa provinces – those projects were never delivered due to the alleged missus of the fund handed to each province.

On February 2017, the projects were declared complete for Torba and Penama but were non-operational.

In Malampa, the project’s original design had been changed by MP Sato Kilman from biofuel as originally intended by EU to Unelco.

At the time the project was never set up for Malampa Province.

The three provinces never received the project and the Commission of Enquiry found that there were huge money allocated to them.

The Commission also found that from 2007 to 2013, the amounts allocated for the projects had almost been depleted.

Penama had a balance of more than VT12,000 out of more than VT61 million, Malampa had more than VT900,000 out of more than VT88 million while Torba had more than VT15,000 out of more than 40 million.

And due to the depletion of the fund, the Vanuatu government had to provide additional fund for the completion of the projects.

After the investigation of the appointed commission made the recommendation to further investigate 21 personal and until today the process has not been started yet.

Out of the group, Victor Rory has been dealt with while the others are yet to be investigated.

According to the findings, there were illegal transfers done within the people and departments, withdrawals and the fun mismanagement and most part of the paper trail of how the money had been used were never recovered.

Many of the those worthless items purchased for the projects are still sitting in those provinces.

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