Important meetings happening in April 2019

As business owners we encourage you to participate in dialogue with decision makers on matters that affect you directly.

Please note three important upcoming meetings facilitated by the Chamber of Commerce to assist you in raising your voices as active members of Vanuatu’s private sector.

China International Importation Expo information session, 4 April

The China International Imports Expo (CIIE) will be held in Shanghai, 5-10 November 2019. China is opening its market to other countries, reducing tariffs, facilitating customs clearance, minimizing institutional costs during import, broadening market access and putting related measures into place.

Last year VCCI facilitated 7 local businesses to attend the first ever export trade show attended by Vanuatu in China, funded by the Chinese Government.

VCCI would like to assist again any interested businesses to participate in this grand expo to seek and secure genuine trade and investment opportunities for Vanuatu.

To encourage participation the organizers of the CIIE have offered VCCI 2 free booths for Vanuatu in the enterprises exhibition hall of the 2nd CIIE.

VCCI encourages interested businesses to please attend an information session that will be held at 3pm on Thursday 4April at the VCCI conference room.

This will be a requirement for businesses interested.

CBD Sewerage System Project 2{sup}nd{/sup}consultation, 8 April

As business owners, if you would like an opportunity to feedback on the ADB’s proposed sewerage system solution as part of their Port Vila Integrated Urban Development Project, you are invited to attend the Consultation Meeting between the business members and consultants from the ADB on Monday 8 April at 3pmat the VCCI conference room.

The purpose of the meeting between the ADB Port Vila Integrated Urban Development Project consultants and members of the VCCI is to update everyone on current plans for the sewerage system and to get feedback from businesses. The latest concept design of the sewerage system will be presented, and issues around connections and business responsibilities discussed. The results of the survey of businesses in Port Vila will also be shared.

This is the second consultation with VCCI; the first meeting was in February 2019 when members provided valuable feedback.

Please email: or call 27543 to confirm your attendance at either or both of these consultations.

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