Burying whale for chiefly purpose

White sand grave of whale at sea front

A whale that was beached at Eton Village seashore last year has been given a decent burial on the seashore where it came ashore, with a plan by Paramount Chief Kas Kolou and his Council, to retrieve its bones for public display in the new nakamal at an appropriate time.

The massive mammal was reported to have been lifted by a forklift and placed in the grave.

The confirmation was given by Chief Kolou during the opening of his village’s Ser Metrou Cooperative Society this week.

On being told that whale bones are most sought after for their value, the Chief said he and his Council were aware of it. “We are alert over the grave because we have a plan to display the bones in our new nakamal”, he said.

It has remained a mystery as to what happened to cause the mammal to beach and die.

Even in Australia and America, mass beaching of the mammals have become a regular occurrence.

Scientists suggest that it could be connected to an alleged malfunctioning of their internal communication system that direct them to beach in an act that is similar to committing suicide.

Even mammal lovers who try to rescue them and send them back to sea find that it is not an easy task.

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